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Asia Pacific Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infection (APSCMI) was founded in the mid 1980s to promote the practice, education, training and prevention of infectious diseases initially in the Western Pacific region and later on broadened to include West and South Asia. It is a federation of 35 member societies spread across Asia with the leading national infectious diseases societies from all the major countries (including China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia etc) included.

The main objectives of the society include:

  • To improve the quality of care of patients with infectious diseases.
  • To develop and advance clinical microbiology and infection in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • To provide a forum for professionals in this field to share experiences and information across national boundaries.
  • To raise awareness and understanding of research options amongst healthcare professionals in the region.
  • To facilitate the dissemination of accurate information about infectious diseases in the AsiaPacific.